Pixelstick Images

Bitmap images that can be be used with The Pixelstick. See also the Facebook page for this device. You can change any image (.jpg, .gif. .png ) into a bitmap using this tool.

Pre-prepared images can be found here on the pixelstick site

Some of the most popular images used by students of my Photo Club are linked in the table below

The xlsx file is just one I printed out for my photo club members so that they can see what the basic image is like. After that they experimented with rotating, speed, movement, exposure etc.

Excel file of all pictures\

( downlaod this first! )    
Beat_1 Canterbury College_1 DNA_1 DNA_2
DNA_3 DNA_4 Eyes Flag_1
flag_2 flash gordon 1 Flash Gordon_2 Fractal_1
Fractal_2 Fractal_2a Fractal_3 Fractal_4
Fractal_5 Fractal_6 Fractal_7 Fractal_7a
Ghost_1 Ghost_2 Ghost_3 Grafiti_1
Grafiti_2 Grafiti_3 Grafiti_4 Heart
Ribbon_1 Ribbon_2 Ribbon_3 Ribbon_4
Ribbon_5 Ribbon_6 Ribbon_7 Ribbon_8
Ribbon_9 Ribbon _10 Rainbow Sky_1
Spark_1 Spark_2 Spook_1 Spook_2
Storey Bridge Swirl_1 Swirl_2 Swirl_4
Swirl_5 Tunnel_1 Tunnel_2  

If any of these images are yours and you want them removed please contact me at vk4yeh(at)gmail(dot)com