Mounting the Ozipole

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This page is to show you how I mounted the ozipole for "portable" use. I am unlikely to use it whilst on foot, but I wanted something to take in the car easily.

Before I mounted the antenna, I decided to cover the coils. Getting heatshrink the right diameter proved problematic, so I used self-amalgamating tape. Put varnish over the tape as it remains quite sticky. The tape may have altered the resonance of the coils, but if so did not make tuning difficut


What to use for support? After much looking around I was in Bunnings to get some steel and decided to have a look at their workshop lights. This tripod with two halogen lights was $29.95.

Next, the mount. I wanted something that I can use on a hotel balcony, so I fashioned this little number from a piece of aluminium strip. The tube takes the "handle" of the ozipole, and on the other end I put a screw antenna mount for a vhf whip.

Next the T-mount and handle of the ozipole. I riveted the supplied short handle to the T-piece, and then riveted a 20cm piece of aluminium tube to that.

The Balcony mount. The ozipole fits into the tube on the cross piece and a I put a 5/8 2 metre whip on the screw mount.

Need to go higher. I had an old aluminium telescopic pole for pool cleaning. Remove the little "thingy" that holds the pool tools on and the outer tube fits neatly over the end of the inner tripod tube. The longer handle of the ozipole goes into a hole in the top of the telescopic pole .