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SSTV images

See date stamp: Typically the pictures will appear about 1 minute after they have been received

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Unfortunately this SSTV cam can only be updated while I am home, usually evenings and on weekends all day. This means that some images may be quite old compared to what has actually been out there.

I use a G5RV that is oriented as a horizontal "L". One arm points north/south while the other points east/west. It seems to give good results, and I have had 2 way sstv contacts into Russia, as well as receiving from as far away as Spain and USA.

SSTV images mostly uploaded from 20m (14.230Mhz). Some will come from 30m, and 15m depending on conditions.

I am experimenting with SSTV over IRLP at the moment, so some pics will origingate there too, mainly from 2m FM at 147.450Mhz, on node 6556

Most of the code for this page was copied from information available from the FTP_widget group posted above.

SSTV Disclaimer: If a ham decides to send an inappropriate image, I may not be able to stop the image from being posted. Most hams are far too responsible, so the risk is very low.. The responsibility rests entirely at the station which transmits such pictures.

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